Spring associates many things in Prague (Part One)

Prague Spring 2007 Spring means above all the beautiful time of year following winter and preceding summer. Spring in Prague, however, has also other connotations – one quite positive and one rather bitter. Let’s talk about the first one now and later about the second.

The term Prague Spring for many means the Prague Spring International Music Festival. It is not surprising because this festival has a long tradition in Prague. It is always held in spring and that is why everyone calls it Prague Spring.

The first festival was arranged in year 1946 when the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra was celebrating its fiftieth anniversary. It presents not only important figures of Czech musical life but it is a showcase for outstanding performing artists, symphony orchestras and chamber music ensembles of the world. To name the best known – Prague Symphony and Vienna Philharmonic take part in the festival.

Prague Spring Festival has grown to be part of Prague culture. Every Czech knows how this festival begins – with the famous work Ma vlast (My country in English) from Bedrich Smetana. The festival closes with the ninth symphony of Ludwig van Beethoven. It attracts music lovers and musicians themselves. It is an honor to take part in it.

This year it will already be 62nd Prague Spring Music Festival. It runs from May 12 to June 6. You can buy tickets at TicketPro. One is for example near the National Theater in Narodni Street 4.

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