Outlook over Prague from Zizkov Monument

Jan zizka statue It took me ages to find a way to get to this all-above Zizka-on-the-horse statue that looks like it’s guarding Prague. I must admit I have never really tried to find the way, and I found it unintentionally, as usual, when we went for a walk. So we were passing streets in Karlin area when a big shady tunnel came into view. A sane person would not enter it, but then we saw couple of people coming out of this tunnel. Our curiosity forced us inwards. It was a long and exhausting up the hill passage. At the end of it, there was neither any awaited surprise from the unknown nor any revealed secret.

We found ourselves on the other side of the hill, at Zizkov, at a regular rush street, full of shops, restaurants, bars. From here, it was not far away to walk up the hill again, crossing the rails, and going through a green park, we reached Zizkov Monument, or if you want, Vitkov Monument. Honestly, on the spot impression of the statue of General Jan Zizka overlooking the city of Prague is much considerable. The monument behind the statue is the Monument of National Freedom which honours people that fought for the establishment of the Czechoslovak Republic. We did not get inside into the museum as it is open only on first Saturday each month. Maybe its good to mention that upcoming event is the May 7th Monument exhibition for public at 2 pm. The site was very interesting, there was bunch of guys throwing Frisbee, many couples on the walk, older people sitting at benches, a dogfight, and the whole panorama of Prague was splendid.

The way we took to get there was probably the worst possible. It’s much easier to take a bus (no. 133 or 207) from Florenc one stop to “U Pamatniku”, and climb a little steep hill. Or you don’t have to climb anything, but you need to walk much longer alley, that is to get off at tram stop Ohrada (take trams 1, 5, 9 or 16). Last but not least, if you choose sunny day, this place is really good spot to take panorama photos of Prague.

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