Enjoying Pilsen at one of the Vltava Islands

View from Strelecky Island to National Theatre These after-Easter warm and sunny days are provoking us to spend more time outside than inside. Let me share with you where I spent a part of one bright sunny afternoon. It was at one of the islands on Vltava river, Slovansky Ostrov, the one that is the closest to the National Theatre. Besides building Zofin, a playground for children, or the cheapest boat rental, there is also a pleasant outside cafe. This is an enjoyable place for sitting, it offers very nice view of Charles Bridge and the castle behind (the view that might be faintly familiar from many Prague postcards), or Strelecky ostrov on the other side.

To visit this place, I would walk there from the centre, but you can take a tram to stop Narodni Divadlo, and cross the bridge to the island. The prices there were adequate for the location (35 CZK for a big glass of Pilsen).

Not long time ago, I went to Strelecky ostrov with a friend. We bought a beer at a supermarket and sat at a bench and discussed the hot news as we haven’t seen each other for a while. In maybe one hour, three people stopped by to bother us. It was begging for money, announcement of doomsday coming (in English!), and one rather aggressive interference (the guy even tried to touch us!). This last one was really annoying. So that is another advantage of the cafe at Slovansky ostrov (i don’t really remember its name), having more privacy and a chance to enjoy it more.

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