Try in-line skating in Prague

In-line rental in Prague's park Stromovka In-line skating has become very popular sport activity in the Czech Republic in the past years and its popularity is still growing. However, the conditions for this recreational sport are not so good. On the other hand, there are several places where one can both borrow in-line skates and enjoy skating on a good-quality ground. One of them is surely Ladronka area.

This area has special lanes designated for skating, and cycling. There is also another asphalt lane, which is not so hectic and is designed for less experienced skaters. In the evening, the lane is illuminated. The area and its environments are also very good for running, having a picnic or even a barbecue, playing football, basketball, volleyball, or petanque. All these activities are for free, you only pay if you want to play tennis. As already mentioned, there is a skate rental, the price is 120 CZK per hour for a pair of skates and pads. It is also possible to rent a bike, petanque or badminton set, or a scooter. It is open daily from 12 to 21, but the area is outside the centre. It is possible to walk there from Petrin, and around Strahov stadium, but you might e.g. take a bus no. 191 from Andel (metro line B) and get off at stop U televizni veze.

What is closer to the centre, is Stromovka park. The surface in this large area is, however, of a less quality. It is easy to skate as far up as Prague Zoo, and then continue alongside Vltava river bank, where is a brand new asphalt layer. There is both rental and second hand in-line shop near the entrance to the park, from Vystaviste (the exhibition ground). The price is 90 CZK per hour, both skates and pads. If this seems insufficient, there is another one, a sport shop in T-mobile arena parking area.

Another popular site is Letenske sady. Not only for skating, this place is really good for other outdoor activities or just to leisure. I was there few days ago, it is very nice, but sometimes very crowded, which means a long beer queue. But the sight of panoramic Prague is worth it. So there are two places where you can rent skates. One in-line shop is located near Sparta Praha stadium at Milady Horakove 98 and it offers skates for 50 CZK per hour. Another one is in the street Cechova 3 and the price is 100 CZK for half a day! The closest tram stop to both of these shops is Sparta.

There are also other places to skate, however, I have no personal experience with them. If you know some, drop a comment please. I heard there is one at Zlute Lazne near Podoli. Anyway, when renting, expect to prove your identity or to pay down a deposit.

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