Day trip to Karlstejn

Karlstejn Castle from the village Have you heard about castle Karlstejn? Have you been there? Well, I am sure you know it, but if you haven’t visited it yet, I had, and here is the story.

So, earlier this year, we visited castle Karlstejn. It was Saturday, the weather was warm and sunny. We woke up quite early, 8 am, went to supermarket to buy some food and drinks for the day, and jumped on the train to Karlstejn from Hlavni Nadrazi (main railway station). The train was nice and comfortable, and the price for single journey ticket is normally 46 CZK, but we paid 32 CZK for using Z-card for discounted travelling. Btw, the train leaves every half an hour. So we had breakfast on the train, while enjoying window-view of the country.

After 40 minutes on the train, we finally reached the place and got off. We had a short walk through the bridge, and after passing a parking space, we saw the castle. It was impressive, look at the picture. All the way up, there were many restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops, and also a wax museum (including king Charles IV.) before we reached the first castle gate.

Below Karlstejn Castle Arriving at the court, we found out that two tours were available. The first last for about an hour and cost 130 CZK for the guidance in Czech, or 220 CZK if it was in foreign language. The second tour last for around 100 minutes, and was a bit more expensive. There were quite extensive discounts for students, though. Well, we were group of four, two foreigners, two locals. Besides, my friend couldn’t speak English, and I would be too lazy to translate the guidance to him and we didn’t want him to break away from us. After a short discussion we decided not to take any of the tours and rather have some hiking in the surroundings. Well, yes, I actually haven’t visited the castle from inside, but we went to other places that tourists don’t see that often.

So we followed the red sign, I am not sure how to translate that into English, but these are the signs (usually marked on the trees) that one needs to follow to get somewhere. So we followed the red one for several kilometres walking on small broken stones track, and then turning right to follow the yellow sign, which lead us to some lakes, that we later heard are called Small America. Very beautiful, very clean, and very cold. To get to the water, one needs to climb down one medium hill first. For all that, we tried the water, swam around a little bit, a friend of mine had even swum across the lake and back. Only a short swim was very exhausting, after drying up, we climbed up the hill, and started looking for a fireplace and wood. Actually, we made a new one, then we roasted some sausages, drank a bottle of wine, and rested.

Lake called Small America The rest of the tour was finding a new way home. We were not in the mood to walk the same way back. Lucky enough, we reached another noteworthy natural scenery. It’s called Saint John under the Cliff. There is a legend about this John how he expelled demons and met the first Czech Christian duke, etc. In the church under the cliff, you can see the hole through which the demon escaped.

Finally, we ate in the local restaurant in the village as we had to wait almost an hour and half for the bus that took us to town Beroun. Then another bus took us back to Prague. I was really tired that day, and the only thing I did when I returned home was taking a shower, and with pleasure, I went to ten hour sleep.

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