Prague Majales 2007

Majales in Prague Prague Majales (university students rag day) this year is just around the corner. Among other towns such as Olomouc, Liberec, Brno, Ostrava, or Pardubice, Prague student spring feast starts on May 1, and will last for two days. I really enjoy these celebrations, loads of young people having fun, rocking under the stage, drinking hectolitres of beer, and probably much more is happening there, but I only remember this from last two years. Wait, I think I got this couple-of-days-lasting tattoo last year, but I have no idea how come.

Anyway, the big open air festival takes place at Prague exhibition ground (Vystaviste). The program is of an even better quality than last year, but the tickets are more expensive. Day pass costs 199 CZK on the spot, or save some money and save time, which you would waste while having to queue in place, and buy the ticket for 150 CZK in advance booking (e.g. at Palace Cinemas or Ticketportal).

Two stages and a marquee will host for example Clawfinger (Sweden), Transglobal underground (UK), Cechomor, No Name, and many others. Both on Tuesday and Wednesday, the program starts at 13 and runs till night. Accompanying program includes carnival parade, king’s election, films, theatre, after parties, or some of the underground stations (such as Namesti Republiky, Muzeum, Smichovske Nadrazi, Florenc, Mustek) will turn into independent culture places with reading, dancing and acting performances, breakdance, choral singing, or a puppet show. Maybe you?ve already seen some of these performances. One more thing to mention is this year’s Majales slogan „You don’t have to go there, but you would have been a fool then.“

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