My first time canoeing on the Vltava river

Yesterday, I had a wonderful experience that I want to share with you. My girlfriend takes classes in canoeing as an obligatory physical education course at her faculty. She asked their professor if I could join them someday, and so I did. We started at garages in front of Admiral Botel at Smichov. We took the canoe, paddles, and swim vests, placed the boat on the river, jumped in, and joined up with the group. I was in the back, of course. We were rowing upstream away from the city, admiring beauties of Prague from different perspective, and feeling respect for Vltava.

Soon we reached docks, where other boats, greater or smaller, freighters, powerboats, yachts, or police boats were anchored. At the end of it, we had a small break for further instructions. The group remained together as everyone was holding another canoe, and we created an interesting chain. Also, we had to swap places. We rowed few meters to an empty mole as we thought we would crawl up and the swap would be easier. And that was the cherry on the cake. I was grabbing the mole and keeping only half of our canoe near it while my girlfriend climbed up, stretched her body, and tried to get in again, pushing away the other half, falling in the water, flipping over me and the canoe. That was my premier bath in Vltava. First, we had a good laugh, others naturally joined. For a short while, we were floating around, when we found out that the water is shallow, and that there is deep mud at the bottom. After every bounce off the bottom I found myself deeper. For the rest, this was a “two men show”. They actually helped us then, though. We pulled out the boat offshore, drained out the water, carefully, but totally wet, we got in, and we started rowing really fast, not to get cold. We arrived back among the first, not to irritate the professor even more, put the canoe and the equipment back to the garage, and started to tan while our only clothes were drying on the sun.

To retired people with their dogs, and to tourists, we were indeed a juicy enrichment of their time when they were walking by and passing us, what demonstrates when one of them tried to take a photo of us. By virtue of these unexpected events I have very good memories of yesterday. One thing I’m not really sure is if I’m allowed to join the canoe group again.

May 12, 16:33 (Filed under: Sport in Prague )

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