In the mood for a golf game?

A colleague of mine... Last Wednesday it was president’s sports day at Charles University. All students were excused from lessons and classes in exchange for a working-out-spent day. That is the annual plan of the university council and it seems fair to me. On the other hand, from my experience, a feedback from students is missing, and for majority of them this day doesn’t meet its purpose. Typical example: – “So where are you heading for the sports day? Which sport did you choose?“ – “I don’t know, I think I’ll stay at home and spend the day studying or doing some other activity…”
I really have no idea why is that so, the uni offers you a chance to try various sports with instructor or coach for free, and I don’t see a relevant reason not to go. Anyway, I went there and I chose golf lesson.

According to the coach, “golf is experiencing a big boom in the past few years, so it is just about the time to start.” Ok, let’s start then.The session took place at Golf Club Hostivar, at Hornomecholupska 565 (bus 154 or 271 to stop Repcicka). It is an area of a good quality, open all year long from 7 in the morning to 22, and offering 9-hole course, another 9 hole academy course for short game practising, a simulator, tournaments, etc. It was my first time trying golf and I admit, it’s an enjoyable and relaxing game, especially when you flourish. My first faux pas was that I was wearing jeans, at least I had a polo shirt. Another misunderstanding was that no one told us to bring our own golf equipment (I don’t have one, anyway) when we want to play a tournament. Yes, I should have assumed it, but we’re students, we thought we can borrow it in place. Well, at least they let us practice at a driving range, chipping and putting green. Once I almost drove 150 meters! Almost. We learned the right pose, how to hold the club, how to move, simply, the essential but required basics. I must say, I feel my back and shoulders hurt, I need more practice. At the end the instructor told us about the possibility to attend university golf lessons and consequently acquiring Czech golf federation membership and a Green card. Tempting, for I think it is quite probable that I will run into golf someday in the future. In any case, finally, a little more about this golf club.

There are so many different fees for common people that it might be discouraging for some to go there. However, it is affordable, just search for the discounts, or seasonal cards. In example, at the training area (driving range, putting and chipping greens) from 7 to 15 it is only 50 CZK entrance fee plus 60 CZK for 50 balls. The basic fee for the normal course is 600 CZK or 250 CZK for shorter academy course, or 400 CZK for simulator. Other services include golf shop, golf lessons, instructors, a bar with a Wi-Fi network. On the other hand, this is not the only golf area in Prague, has anyone been to a different one yet? How was it?

Final word, as I read in one slogan: “Go on, be a Tiger!”

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