Prague Museum Night 2007

National Museum in the Wenceslas Square If you happen to be in Prague during June 16, and 17, you are lucky, because that is the night when the fourth Prague Museum Night occurs. What’s all this about? Prague museum, galleries, cultural monuments and other sites will be opened during the night, strictly speaking, from seven PM to one AM, all these with interesting accompanying program. This museum night is not Prague privileged as it is also going on in other European cities (e.g. Vienna, Warsaw, Berlin, etc.), but the whole idea is impressive as well as the admission, which is free! Well, ok, almost free, there’s always an exception, it is City of Prague Museum where one has to pay symbolic 1 CZK, or at City gallery it is 10 CZK.

This is a very popular and significant event of cultural life in Prague. Last year, during this night, 160.000 people visited museums and galleries in town, generally, every year there has been a rising trend since the beginning in 2004. Take a guess, will the trend continue this year? Another good news, transport between the sites during the Museum Night is also provided, and it is also free. Among accompanying events, one can find theatre performances, movies, public readings, lectures, displays of unique exhibits, etc.

As an example, let’s look at what Vysehrad (that legendary rock above Vltava) offers. There, one can visit the gallery, Gothic cellar (there you can find some of the original statues from Charles Bridge), or exhibition Vysehrad fortress in the history of Prague’s fortifications. All this for 1 CZK and all this accompanied by theatre of historical fencing.

By the way, Prague Museum Night occurs once a year, plus it can save you a lot of money, plus, it might be really interesting to visit some of the sites during the night, so it would be a pity to miss this opportunity.

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  1. who are you, why are u writing all this tourist type crap?
    you are not Patrick.

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  2. see Patrick´s comment at the bottom of this article.

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