Confectionery Apetit

We were walking downtown today, right after lunch, looking for a coffee place to rest a little. It took us maybe half an hour, but we found a new interesting spot. At least, new for us. This confectioner’s and coffee place is called Apetit and is located in the street Revolucni (near Namesti Republiky), but it is not very noticeable and can be easily overlooked.

The setting is wonderful, walls, chandeliers, chairs and tables, they all fit together very well. The place looked like from a fairy tale, so I was curious if the sweet stuff they offered tasted fairy-taleish as well. And it doesn’t. The cake I ordered actually tasted chemical, too sweet and the whipped cream was awful. And so was the cake of my friend. But what I noticed was that we were the only ones eating the dessert. Others enjoyed mainly open sandwiches and salads. There was enough place to sit either upstairs to observe what’s going on outside, downstairs, or in the summer garden in the yard. And the other visitors? Mostly working people who went there for lunch or tourists. But it was 2 pm then, might be different later on. The coffee was good, though. And so was the whole offer. Many kinds of cream cakes, ice-cream, cocktails, baguettes, salads, and other stuff. The prices and the service were also customer friendly. Next time when I’m around this neighbourhood, I will stop there again, but that time, I’ll rather try one of those sandwiches.

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