Temporary cafe “In The Dark” near the Old Town Square

From Wednesday June 6 you have a chance to visit a special coffee-house at once during the day and in the darkness. Have you ever drunk your favourite cup of tea in the restaurant in the dark? Because that is the name (Potme) of a newly opened coffee place at Ovocny Trh (fruit market), which is run by blind people. It was opened by singer and Czech version of Idol competition (Superstar) winner Aneta Langerova, which is actually not blind, but is involving herself in various charitable projects and beneficences, like this one.

I remember this project last year at film festival in Karlovy Vary spa, but it was very crowded, and I didn’t get in, and didn’t want to queue. Anyway, inside, the menu is not overwhelming and you can only get Italian espresso or a tea, plus once a day, there will be “screening” of a Czech series Visitors (Navstevnici), which has some sound comments added since you cannot see anything. In this cafe, people can experience for a while how it feels to live in the dark, the message this project carries is that it is hard but possible. Well, such mutual meetings with unseeing people can definitely enrich us both.

At the entrance you are greeted by a blind hostess girl, who knows where all the guests sit and which tables are free (tables are organized according to Braille writing system), then you are carried to the table by another blind man who will take you to your table and offer you a seat and introduce you to the waiters. Waiters bring coffee, and put sugar bag into your hand. What more, it is forbidden to use any light inside, e.g. from cellphone. It is very interesting to try this different world, world with no colours, but with a lot of fantasy. After all, you can leave the dark and come out to the light anytime. The coffee in a mug which you take as a souvenir when you leave costs 70 CZK and you pay with a chip which you get at the entrance. Another particular experience is that suddenly it is you who need to rely on a blind guide.

If you want to experience this remarkable event, hurry up, it only runs for eight days until June 13.

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