Seaworld attraction in Prague

Shark in the seaworld in Prague Did you know that you can see Sand tiger shark, the one that is often shown in the movies (along with the Great white shark) and the one that guards the shipwrecks, in Prague? This shark is probably the biggest attraction in the permanent exhibition of sea fish and sea animals in Prague – Seaworld.

I noticed that the exhibitors like to point out how many square meters of exhibition space, litres of sea water, etc., there is, but when you enter, you will see that it is not so big. On the other hand, with all this blue light show and sea music, paintings on the ceiling, it is an impressive place. Locally, you get the feeling that you actually are under the sea level. The big aquarium looks really nice, like a reef, with all these different and exotic coral fish from tropical seas, and the sharks, of course. The one named after Port Jackson port in Sydney looks interesting with its bulging eyes and flat head. I don’t know all these fish names in English, but it was fun to recognise some from the movie Finding Nemo. There was another amazing fish, not special from the side, but from the front, it was so thin that I thought it disappeared somewhere. Shaped like a pancake or something similar. What might be disturbing is all the camera flashes when other visitors take photos. Not everyone has a chance to discover the real underwater world and I think this exhibition is a sortable compensation. In example, they use special tube lights as a substitute to sunlight and a moon or water pumps to simulate high and low tide.

Also, be prepared to pay when you want to see all this. For adults, it is 240 CZK, and 190 CZK for students. It is located at the exhibition ground Vystaviste (one tram stop from Nadrazi Holesovice), and open from 10 to 19. Don’t forget to take your cameras, I forgot mine and I still regret it! Seaworld is a nice experience, and after all, it’s always good to learn something new.

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