A visit to a tea house U Dvou Salku

This week we had a small class reunion to celebrate the start of summer 2007. We met at a tea house U Dvou Salku near Namesti Miru (Vinohrady). We arrived in the afternoon just to find out that this place is one hot spot. As some people from our group were still supposed to come, it was better to wait than to leave to another tea room. In about twenty minutes a table became free and we could finally treat ourselves to a delicious apple tobacco sheesha pipe and discuss what important happened since the last reunion.

Tea house U Dvou Salku is located in the street Blanicka 8 (get off at Namesti Miru, walk up Francouzska street and take the first left turn) and they are open daily, usually until 23. About the tea room, there are four separated rooms, and I think you are supposed to take your shoes off. At least everybody did. The lights are very low, not good for reading, and when you leave, and the sun is still shining outside, then the brightness is really shocking.

Anyway, they offer an extensive variety of teas for the standard prices, similar to other tea rooms. The waiter that came to us was a really nice guy, smiling a lot, talking in a deep slow voice, actually, I thought he was stoned. But it took him quite a lot of time to bring back the teas and the pipe. As I mentioned before, the place was full, full of young people only, mostly high school and university students, some couples making out. We spent there enjoyable two hours and we left with lots of new memories and what-happened-in-one-year affairs, things like who got engaged, who moved abroad, etc. Now I am curious what will happen before the next encounter.

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