Bar La Casa Blu, Have You Heard of it?

When you are walking around bar La Casa Blu in the historical centre of Prague you usually catch on the lively atmosphere that drags you in. As it happens, a friend of a friend showed me this place, and I’ve been visiting it once in a while ever since. And I’m not the only one, when you take a seat and watch these people for a while, it is obvious that they are not there for the first time and that they like being there.

The Latin style setting, the beer, wine and spirit selection is good and the music together with the whole atmosphere makes you feel relaxed and as you’ve been going there for years. When you look at the tables around you, it was not just beer or wine there, but almost everyone placed a different order and it was great to see all this mix of nachos, tacos, fajitas and sangrias, wines, beers, tequilas. Not that I was watching the other tables all the time, I glanced around, though, to get the picture.

However, not everything was tip top there. To me, the biggest minuses were old tables, uncomfortable chairs, small holes in the walls, flaked paint on the wall, or Staropramen beer. On the other hand, all these things seemed like they belong there and they are part of this specific atmosphere. There was also a nice photo gallery on the wall in the backside of the bar. Prices were more than fair during happy hours (from 11 to 18, e.g., beer 21 CZK), and during lunch time (student menu – 69 CZK for a meal, 0.33l beer included). After 18, prices are still adequate, and you pay around 150 CZK for a typical Spanish meal.

La Casa Blu is located in the corner of Kozi and Bilkova streets, near the Old Town Square, and it is worth a try. By the way, it is the bar where part of the famous Czech movie Samotari was filmed (e.g. the scene with the body shot).

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