Holidays to come

Czechs are expecting two national holidays which are coming on Thursday and Friday this week, so most of the workers are looking forward to the longer weekend. But beside the longer weekend, these days off are also memorial days of three people who had exceptional importance to the Czech nation. Let’s have a short look who they were.

On Thursday the 5th we are commemorating two christian missionaries – Cyril and Methodius. They came in Czech lands in ninth century (due to tradition it was 5th of July 863) from the Byzantine Empire, they were teaching here the Christianity in the Slavonic language. And their great importance is in translating the Bible into the Slavonic language.

Then on the Friday the 6th we are commemorating Master John Hus, a religious thinker and reformer of the great influence. He died on 6th of July 1415, when he was burned at the stake after the council at Constance found him to be a dangerous heretic. But before his death, he initiated an important reform movement, which was based on John Wycliffe’s ideas. Among his aims was the demand that everyone should be permitted to read the Bible in his own language, something which was for the Catholic Church of that times absolutely non-acceptable…

The strange fact is that although the Czech Republic is one of the most atheistic countries in Europe, those national holidays are both devoted to religious thinkers, teachers and leaders. But we have to remember that Cyril and Methodius had a great cultural influence on Czech lands and Master John Hus is regarded as an important moral authority. These men were not afraid to speak against the powerful Catholic Church.

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