Afternoon trip to Divoka Sarka park in Prague

Last weekend we spent an afternoon in preserved nature park Divoka Sarka. We wanted to escape the city rush, but it was already 2 pm, so we didn’t want to travel far. Divoka Sarka seemed to be a good choice and it really was.

Divoka Sarka in Prague We took a tram no. 26 from Hlavni nadrazi to end stop Divoka Sarka (around 30 min drive), and we appeared in front of beautiful nature formation, open fields, high rocks, mixed forest. To fully get away from build-up area, and enter this nature paths, we needed to pass McDonald’s, we walked on, and on the first turning turned right. Then again, on the next turning, if you turn right, you’ll get to a large reservoir Dzban, which is a good place to sunbath, but a worse place to swim. It is possible to swim in there, but the water is unclean, and there has been an article in the news that there is an increased number of blue-greens bacteria. I risked it, though, and many other visitors did, too, and the water was quite warm. There is an entrance fee of 70 CZK, but you can avoid it when you simply go to the other side of the reservoir, however, there is not such a good access to water, neither services such as bar, toilet, showers, etc.

On the other hand, it is much more interesting if you turn left on that turning. After a nice walk in the romantic valley, rocks on both sides, and a stream copying the our way, we arrived to an open space between the mountains with completely equipped outer swimming pool. What a display! The place was full, young couples, families with children, retired people, all enjoying the scenery, the sun, the shades under the trees, or the pool with very cold water, from the stream.

Swimming area Dzban in Prague Before we entered, we first passed the place to arrive and stop at a garden beer house, and refresh ourselves with draught beer Herold, and a couple of meat-sausages with bread. Then we went to this swimming pool. There is a 50 CZK admission for the whole day, and it seemed much better choice than the reservoir, despite so many people and a lack of privacy. Maybe it is even better during the week, with less people and no families.

If you want to hike more, you just follow the path that took you to the pool and go on and on, together with the stream, and you come back to the reservoir, or if you want to go even further, there is a long walk that can bring you to a Jeneralka castle.

Maybe it’s a good thing to mention that Divoka Sarka is a legendary female warrior from a woman tribe to beat the leader of the man tribe Ctirad. If you know the legend, this is the right place where your imagination can take you back in time. Anyway, Divoka Sarka is surely a place you want to return to, I can’t imagine how great it must be to hike there during the winter time.

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