Botanical Garden in Troja

One of the possibilities how to spend a nice summer afternoon in Prague is to visit the Botanical Garden. The Garden is located in Trojská Street no. 134, in Trója, which is very close to the Zoological Garden. The best way, how to get there, is to take a bus nr. 112 from Nádraží Holešovice (Metro C – red line), then take off the bus at „Botanická zahrada“ (which in English means Botanical Garden) station. From here you will just follow indicators „Botanicka zahrada“ and in about 5 minutes you will be there.

Opening hours in the summer period are a bit more extended then those at other parts of the year, so from May till September is the Garden opened daily from 9:00 to 19:00. But I would better recommend you not to go there on Monday, because this day the Fata Morgana Greenhouse is closed. And according to my opinion, Fata Morgana is the most interesting part of the exhibition. It was opened in 2003 and its interior is divided into three parts with different temperature and humidity of the air.

The first one is dedicated to xenophile tropical and subtropical vegetation and presents plants from Australian bush, Madagascar Island, south Mexico and some parts of Africa. In the second part of the greenhouse are placed plants from tropical rainforests. This second part also includes probably the best spectacle from the whole Botanical Garden – two big fresh water aquariums with fish and other aquatic animals, which live in tropical lakes. And the last, third part, of the greenhouse presents vegetation of high mountains of Asia, Africa and South America.

If you decide for a visit of the Garden in this summer season, you can also take a look on one or both of sculpture exhibitions, which takes place there, in open-air space. One of them is called Nová Sadba (New Seedlings), it is on display from 6th of July till 30th of September 2007 and it presents sculptures created by students and graduates of Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. The second sculpture exhibition with a simple name Sochy Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe Sculptures) takes place from 21st of June till 16th of September and presents modern sculptures from this African country.

Entrance fee to the Botanical Garden, which also includes entrance fee to the Fata Morgana greenhouse, is 100 CZK for an adult, 50 CZK for children 6 – 15 years old; students and pensioners, children younger then 6 years have entrance for free. There is also a possibility to buy a family ticket for two adults and two children, which costs 250 Czk.

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  1. I shouldn’t probably say it but when in Prague, you should rather see something THIS COUNTRY has to offer. Would you go to visit a European History Museum while in Osaka, Japan?

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