Photographic exhibition in the Golden Ring House

House At The Golden Ring If you are into photography, I would like to give you a tip for a nice photographic exhibition in the very centre of Prague. The exhibition takes place in the Golden Ring House (Dům u Zlatého prstenu) from 20th of June till 16th of September 2007 and presents about 200 photographs by a Czech born author – Bohumil “Bob“ Krčil. He is not really well known, but his photographs (which are mostly black and white) are worth of seeing.

Bohumil (nicknamed Bob) Krčil (1952 – 1992) had a pretty interesting life. As a youth, in 1969, when he was only 17 years old, he emigrated from unfree communist Czechoslovakia. But the life in emigration was not easy, as he very often had to deal with deficiency of financial wherewithal. First, he came to Sweden, where he even studied at university for some time. And there is presented quite a lot of pictures reflecting his life there, as photographs of his friends or of people who somehow attracted him or those of interesting places. When still living in Sweden, he made some money by working in the underground, and then spent them by making a big trip to Afghanistan. He shot there a huge amount of fascinating documentary photographs, trying to capture a wonderful atmosphere here, before the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan.

In 1979, he made a trip to Himalayan mountains in India, where he made a beautiful photographic cycle “Cannabis at Home of the Gods“. This cycle is in colour, as the only one at the whole exhibition. In the beginning of 80´s, he moved to New York, where he made a lot of pictures of Manhattan, and also photos for social campaign against drugs – his probably the most known pictures are gathered in the cycle Say No To Drugs. He died prematurely in 1992 in New York, at the age of 40.

Krčil´s photographs are interesting, not only because of their artistic qualities, but you can also observe, that he had a strong ability of social empathy, which is reflected in his pictures. And the fact, that some of them are showing very distant and exotic places is another reason why visit this exhibition.

The Golden Ring House is located in Tynská Street nr. 6 (which is on the left side of Týn Church, when you are coming there from Old Town Square). Entrance fee is 100 Czk full price and 50 Czk reduced price (for students, pensioners or for Prague Passport holders). The price includes admission to the permanent exhibition – Czech Art of the 20th century (paintings, drawings and sculptures). When you are once there, it is worth to also visit the permanent exhibition (at least give it a quick chance, you might like some of works presented here).

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