Hiking through the valleys of Reporyje

This Saturday, it took us ages to wake up. It was already one pm, and the sun was blazing down, as usual. Not enough time to start something big, and also not in the mood to stay at home. We decided to discover more of Prague’s surroundings, and we agreed to try one nature trail that made its way from Reporyje to Hlubocepy. This trail was said to cover all these things: walk in the forest, seeing wilderness area and preserved nature, meeting some interesting animal, botany, or insect species, stopping for some food, drinks, etc.

Well, it didn’t run through exactly as it was planned, but the end was happy. First, we took metro line B to station Luka. There we changed to the bus no. 249 to Reporyjske Namesti square, and we found ourselves in the countryside. We had a small tourist guide printed as we didn’t want to get lost. Basically, from the square, you pass the church from the left side, and turn right to Dalejska street. Follow the street, and soon turn left, in front of the viaduct. Then it is important to always follow the green-white mark, which will lead you through the most interesting spots. First hour of walking, we had some mixed feelings, actually, it was not such a great walk. We saw some abandoned buildings, reputedly mills, then a lot of garbage along the way, the sightseeing places were boring, plus a mosquito sting me. But as we were passing the places, they were only getting better.

Swans on the lake When we passed a camp of weekend houses, we reached the eight board called Holyne, where we stopped in the local small pub. This certainly perked us up. Royal Krusovice beer served in the royal glass for royal price, 18.50 CZK. The food menu was either Nakladany Hermelin cheese or Utopenec sausage, and we tried both. They were really good. We sat outside, on the bench in the shadows, eating and drinking, while listening to one local guy who was playing the guitar, and singing in a low deep voice songs about love, women, life, the voice marked with years of beers and cigarettes. It was a lively atmosphere there. One more beer and we left. Following the green-white mark, we soon arrived in front of the cave. Exploring this cave is a must! It is actually a tunnel, but looks like a cave, since you don’t see the other exit, it gets a bit scary. Our last stop was a splendid lake between high rocks in Podolske Udoli, with tame swans begging for a piece of bread at the shore.

In a nutshell, it turned out to be a nice afternoon, and if you want to experience both a piece of nature, and Czech countryside, you might consider it. What more, if you have a bike, these roads are perfect for bikers.

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