One activity tip – summer ice skating

What is the other way to cool down in these excruciating heats than going to a swimming pool? Or where is the coolest water? In the ice rink. Right, it is possible to go ice skating during whole summer at Mala Sportovni Hala at Vystaviste (the exhibition ground).

Open for everybody and everyday, from 14 to 18, or from 11 on weekends. The admission is very low, 25 CZK, and you can stay as long as they’re open. The idea is not very sane, I mean to force the body to adapt to these big and quick changes in temperature, when it’s 35 degrees outside and 5 inside. This might not be suitable for everyone. On the other hand, not many people know about this, and when you arrive around four pm, the rink is almost empty, and where and when else have you got a chance to have the whole skating rink only for yourself and your friends without paying much money? What more, the staff will let you take and use hockey sticks and puck if you promise to be careful!

An ice-hockey during summer. I personally visit this place two or three times a week, I can’t go more often, because I’m out of shape, and this work out is way too much. Sometimes, when the sun is blazing on the roof of the stadium, and the ice is vaporizing, very thick fog is formed, so that you cannot see from one goal to another. Maybe another disadvantage is that you cannot rent skates there. But you can find a pair of skates in second hand stores for around a hundred CZK, in example, Megasekac store at Hlavni Nadrazi.

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