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Stromovka park in Prague The Prague Royal Park is well known by every citizen of Prague under the expressive name Stromovka (Tree park). The current area of 85 hectares is full of trees…leafy, evergreen, small, tall, rare and protected, and also quite usual, though very nice and pictorial birch groves. Stromovka belongs now to the most popular pleasure places for Prague inhabitants, and nonresidents as well. It is very well accessible from the metro station Nadrazi Holesovice, from where we get to it´s eastern part.

The park will satisfy all age categories. For mumms with babies it is built here couple of modern playgrounds with swings and other attractions. For old age pensioners, lusting for silence and quiet it´s here enough noiseless and shady places with benches. For couples in love it is here enough romantic hideaway places. Even sportsmen won´t be cheated…the park is virtually linked with bicycle and in-line paths. These are separated from foot paths, so you don´t have to worry about collision.

Stromovka park in Prague When the bicycle is not enough for you, I suggest to go to the Sport Park Stromovka in the north part of the park, providing many activities. You can find there opened and covered tennis courts, fitness center, sauna and physical rehabilitation. Then you can refill the given calories (in case you are not on diet) in local restaurant with excellent cuisine.

About four years ago a very interesting project was set up here. It is called Three oaks. With a support from prominent persons, for example tennis player Martina Navratilova, three symbolic oaks were planted. Since this time every citizen can buy his own tree, which will be used for renewal of Stromovka, which was partly destroyed by flood. On the bought tree a notice with the name of the donator will be placed.

First information about the Stromovka park are dated from 13th century, when it was set up as a hunting deer-field. Gradually many ponds were built here, which are unique by their watering. Water from the Vltava river is lead by one kilometre long Rudolf´s tunnel, built already in 16th century. So in the beginning Stromovka was built for hunting purposes, but during the centuries and with many modifications and tree planting it became a beautiful park, which is giving pleasure up to now.

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