Beer Garden in Riegrovy sady

I discovered beer garden in Riegrovy sady (Rieger´s gardens) last year in spring, when an American guy who was teaching English in Prague that time took me here. This place was on one of top positions among his favourite places where to go for a beer in Prague. And since I once was there, I also started to like this place.

This beer garden is situated in Riegrovy sady, which is a park in Vinohrady. There are many ways how you can get there, for example, take Metro to Náměstí Míru station, then go to Korunní Street, in the first crossing turn to the left to Blanická Street and then go still straight until you will get to Polská Street, from which you can access the park. Once you are in park, you will find the beer garden easily. The park is in walking distance also from Metro stations Muzeum (on the top of Wenceslaw Square) or Jiřího z Poděbrad.

It is ideal place where to go for a beer in a hot summer day. This beer garden is large, so usually it is not a problem to find a place where to sit. Garden works on self-service, so you have to buy drink in a stand and then brink it to your table on your own, but there are guys who go around and pick up empty glass. Consumers, who are a mix of both Czechs and foreigners (most of them are expatriates) mostly buy beer. But it is not of course the only option – you can also take some soft drink or a cocktail (although I would not go for a cocktail to a beer garden). And there is also a possibility to buy something small to eat – sausages, crisps etc. I never tried a sausage here, but I have heard that they are not really good. But if you only want to have a beer to cool in a hot day, you should be satisfied here. If you have a dog, you can take him with you, but he should stay on a leash.

There is also a big screen, so when there is an important sport event on, people can watch it here. If not, music is playing, for me a little bit too loudly, but most of the people seem that they do not mind it. And, the place is surrounded with Rieger´s garden with lots of green and flowers, which is a nice place for a short walk, before or after having your beer.

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  1. Next time I’ll visit Prague I’ll definitely go to the beer garden. Actually reading this article made me very thirsty.

    Jeroen from Gent    Aug 3, 10:05    #