What to drink in the Czech Republic?

Becherovka - originally Czech The answer to the question what to drink in the Czech Republic is obvious: beer, beer and beer. In the Czech Republic you can get beer everywhere, it is cheap (a glass of beer is often even cheaper then a glass of mineral water or juice), and there are many brands – Pilsner (Plzeſ), Staropramen, Gambrinus, Budweiser to name just the most famous ones.

The fact is that Czechs have the highest consumption of beer per capita in the world. And the Czech Sociological Institute made about three years ago, in September 2004, an interesting research – Czechs were asked what do they think about beer. More then 90% said that they considered beer as a national drink and beer is one of the things Czechs can be proud of. But on the other hand, about 67% also said that drinking too much of beer is one of bad characteristic of Czechs in general.

Well, if you are in the Czech Republic, you should definitely taste Czech beer. But beer, although most famous around the world, is not the only alcoholic drink, which is typical for that country. There are also Becherovka and Slivovice. Becherovka is often used as “a typical present from Czech“; it is liquor made of forty types of herbs since 19th century. Becherovka can be drunk on its own, but is also often used for cocktails, form which Beton is the most popular one (Beton means Cement in English, it is made from 4 cl of Becherovka, 1 cl of Lemon Juice and 20 cl of Tonic). Slivovice is a plum brandy. The best one is home made, and it is popular especially in Moravia. But Slivovice is pretty strong, so not everyone will like it. Then there are also drinks very similar as Slivovice but made from different kinds of fruits – as meruſkovice (apricot brandy) or hruškovice (peer brandy).

The Czech Republic is not famous for vine, but some of vines from the south of Moravia are not that bad – you can try for example red vines Frankovka or Svatovavřinecké (Saint Laurent) or white Müller Thurgau.

And if you do not drink alcoholic drinks, but you still would like to try something typical Czech, then you can try Kofola – a coke made since 1960s.

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