City transport ferries connect banks of Vltava

Maybe it has happened to you lately that you wanted to get from Podoli or Branik to Andel for some shopping, or other way round from Smichov to Vysehrad, and you needed to cross the river, but you found out that there is a traffic lockout, especially trams. Or even worse, have you recently jumped on o tram that took you to a different destination? This could have easily happened as there are many lockouts these days, and who has time to read the information boards at the stations. Fortunately, there is always some kind of alternate or reserve transport ready.

To be specific, at Palackeho Namesti, the bridge is being repaired, but city transport ship is ready and waiting. It serves as a shuttle in areas of Prague 4 and 5, the stops are called Lihovar (Smichov area) and Veslarsky Ostrov (at Podoli swimming area) and it is sailing every half an hour from 6 to 22. You must have (or buy at the spot) a valid 20 CZK transport ticket, or any prepaid ticket. The ship is labelled as P-3. If you’re around this area, it might be worth trying, it ends on October 28.

Other interesting and more recreational route connects Sarecke udoli and Podhori. Perfect if you are in Dejvice and you want to get to Troja (the Zoo, the Botanical garden). It’s not only more interesting, it’s even the fastest way.

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