Kampa Museum Exhibits Warhol’s Disaster Relics

There is an interesting exhibition running at Kampa Museum by Vltava river presenting Andy Warhol’s works that show his interest in death and personal tragedy, and his obsession with fifteen minutes of fame.

Most of the presented pictures were made in early 1960s and they deal with catastrophes, violence, or social trauma, we could say, pictures, that are less famous, or at least less celebrated. For example, plane crashes or suicides, and under these images, there is also Warhol’s remark about how we become less sensitive to these things when we see them all the time in the news: “But when you see a gruesome picture over and over again, it doesn’t really have any effect.” That was still in the 1960s, very ahead of the time idea. These quotations have been included with 21 prints at this exhibition. This is very helpful to get to know something about Warhol and his life.

Museum Kampa is located in the street U Sovovych Mlynu 2, in the middle of Kampa island. Adults pay 120 CZK, students 60 CZK. There is a free admission to the museum on Mondays, but I think it’s free only for permanent exhibitions. The museum is open daily between 10:00 and 18:00, and these selected prints will be exhibited until September 30th.

Aug 11, 16:30 (Filed under: Culture )

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