Saint Johannes of Nepomuk – one of Czech patrons

Johannes of Nepomuk Probably the most popular of sculptures of Charles Bridge is the sculpture of Johannes of Nepomuk (Jan Nepomucký). It is that one you can touch and make a wish, if you have already heard of it. This sculpture is the oldest and the only one made of bronze among all those at Charles Bridge. It was made in the early 1680s.

Under the bronze sculpture of the saint are two relieves, also made of bronze, depicting two important scenes of his life. And folk-tale says, that if you touch special parts of those relieves, it brinks you good luck and you can wish something. Those parts to be touched are easy to recognise – they are much brighter and polished due to often touching then other parts of relieves. And sometimes people even stay in line to wait to touch them.

Johannes of Nepomuk lived in 14th century and due to legend he refused to tell king Wenceslas IV. what his wife told him during the holy confession, so king ordered his soldiers to throw Johannes into Moldau (Vltava) River, where the saint drowned. The confession of queen Zofia (Sophia) is depicted on the first relieve, the scene of soldiers throwing Johannes into the river on the other one.

Cult of Johannes of Nepomuk was very strong in the Czech land in the 18th century in baroque period, when a lot of his sculptures and churches dedicated to him were made. He was canonised in 1729.

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