Party boat cruising on the Vltava river

Visla party boat Has it ever happened to you that you wanted to party but you weren’t sure and couldn’t decide where to go? It happens to me often, but last time, we made a great decision. We went to a party boat on the Vltava river. It was very good, four hours of music, dancing, singing, drinking, and sailing.

There are different party boats, cruising the Vltava almost everyday, and they are usually operating under the patronage or sponsorship of one of Czech’s radio stations. The ship we went to is called Visla, and the party was called Fajn Radio discotheque.

This ship weighs anchors at 20:30 from Cechuv most and it’s good to be there around 20, to come aboard, order the first drinks before there is a long queue, and take the best seats. Then we were heading north, passing Stvanice island, Karlin and Liben area, and reaching Troja, where the ship turns around and sails the same way back. We arrived to Cechuv most before midnight, and then we left, but the party went on until 2 am.

I was surprised that the ship was so steady, no leaning to the sides. It is as if you were in a regular club but the scene around the dancing stage is amazing. You see buildings, lights, getting dark, etc. Sometimes when the wind was blowing, it was rather cold. But you could always go to the under deck, where it was warmer and the music was not so loud, and just enjoy the ride.

Another interesting part is when the ship enters the water lock, and you feel rising/lowering. And when you pass by another ship, and wave at people there, you just see how they wish to be on the party boat too. Very soon we discovered and then followed another unwritten rule: each time the ship sails under a bridge, the crowd starts to yell. And the music, well, that was kind of a strange mix, covering most of the singles and tastes in music, shortly, since it was such a mix, everyone found there some songs that he or she enjoyed, and some that he probably disliked, but when songs from Grease movie were played, we all joined in singing loud.

The entrance fee was 100 CZK and the prices for drinks were standard, similar to other clubs. That is for example, vodka 40 CZK, energy drink 50 CZK, beer 0.4 l 30 CZK, etc, and it was also possible to order grilled sausage there. After all, it is still much cheaper than if you went on regular tourist sightseeing cruise, and to me, this is much more fun. Anyway, it was a great way to combine sailing on the Vltava with partying. Don’t miss this chance as the boats run only until the end of September. Or have you already experienced it? What are your thoughts?

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