Litomyšl – a tip for a trip outside of Prague

The frontage of the church in Litomysl If you already got to know Prague quite well, and you would like to see also other parts of the Czech Republic, one of the places you could visit might be Litomysl.

Litomysl is a really nice Moravian town with a number of touristically attractive sites. It is famous as a birthplace of Czech music composer Bedrich Smetana and also as a town where a big music festival called in his honour „Smetanova Litomysl“ (Smetana´s Litomyšl) takes place. The only disadvantage for you might be the fact that it is not that close to Prague. The best (and the most fast) way how to get there from Prague is by car, although you can of course also use a train or a bus. But as far there is not any direct train from Prague to Litomysl, the best possibility is to take a fast train to Chocen and from there a train which goes to Litomysl, but the journey by train from Prague will take over 2,5 hours.

Town of Litomysl is amazing. In the centre is a long main square, which is consisted of buildings with high historical value. So you can just stroll for a while on the square and surrounding streets. When you will get enough of it, there are some nice restaurants and coffee places, where you can eat, drink and rest. But the square is not of course the only place to be seen here. You should not miss out a visit to Litomysl chateau, which is written into UNESCO list of cultural and natural heritage.

Litomysl Other place, which is definitely worth visiting there, is the Vachal´s Portmoneum – the museum of Josef Váchal. This building used to be a house of a clerk and printer Josef Porman, who asked Vachal to decorate the interiors of the house in 1920. Josef Vachal was a very distinctive Czech artist, who decorated these walls as well as the furniture with phantastigue and highly original motives. In Litomysl you can also find Vachal Street (in the town centre), which is dedicated to him and part of this street is decorated with sgraffito copies of woodcuts he made.

Other places of interest in Litomysl are the Museum of antique sculptures and architecture, which is situated close to the chateau, then there is an old church of Elevation of the Holy Cross in Šantovo Square. Next to the church are so called Convent Gardens, which have in theirs middle a fountain decorated with sculptures by Czech 20th century famous sculptor Olbram Zoubek.

Litomysl is definitely a place, which is worth visiting, if you do not mind a bit of necessary travelling to get there.

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