Charles Bridge is being repaired

Charles Bridge from the Vltava River Charles Bridge is propably the most popular attraction among Prague visitors. And this famous historical monument, which lately celebrated 650 years of it´s existance, is now about to be reconstucted. The reconstruction is planed to be extensive and should take a long time. But don´t worry, the bridge wont be fully closed because of it, they will do it part by part. And the fact, that people will be able to watch workers at their work is even supposed to be a kind of matter of interest for the vistitors.

First works on the bridge already started at the second half of August. In the beginning, works are focused on reparation of sewer system, then the bridge deck. Later the rail should be also repaired, and old-fashioned and romantic gas lightening should be lead in.

The repairs were prepared a long time in advance. They should cost about 220 millions Czech krowns and will be observed also by archeologists and conservationist, to make sure, that historical value of this wonderful bridge won’t be demaged anyhow. This repairs will be done always only from March till November, not in the winter, and according to the plan it should be finished by the end of June 2010. Let’s hope that it will go well and make the bridge even more beautiful.

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