1620 - Battle of White Mountain Reconstruction

Next weekend, on September 15 and 16, we will remind one event that happened in 1620 on a hillside just outside Prague and that every Czech student has learned in detail, the Battle of White Mountain. This battle actually happened in November, but the tradition is to reconstruct it earlier, probably because it’s warmer now.

So on Saturday, 2 pm, the battle will begin. Whereas in the original battle, up to 50 thousands soldiers fought, this time, around a thousand soldiers and dozens of horse riders and cannons will struggle, all in period costumes, and it should last for an hour (the real battle last only 2 hours). All these will be accompanied with a traditional market, musicians, dancers, performances and shows of live style and training of common soldiers, etc. One can come and try to wear armour, or practice shooting on a target. The event will take place on a flat plain near Obora Hvezda. It is easy to get there by tram (no. 15, 22, or 25) or by bus.

What happened and where? The Battle of White Mountain was an early battle of the Thirty Years’ war where protestant Bohemian Estates’ army was defeated by catholic Hapsburg army, soon afterwards, 27 Prague leaders were executed at the Old Town Square, protestants fled and freedom of religion in Bohemian lands came to an end.

The aim of the reconstruction is to resemble the real event as much as possible. After all, this might be more interesting than seeing a historical war movie in TV.

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