Bodies… The Exhibition

This exhibition could be called “Bodies… The Controversial Exhibition”. Why controversial? This world famous exhibition, especially in the Czech Republic, has been getting vast publicity, though not always positive opinions. This exhibition was opened on 5th May 2007 in Prague at the Lucerna and lasts till the end of October 2007.

On the official websites of this exhibition you can read that “The Exhibition features real, whole and partial body specimens that have been meticulously dissected and preserved through an innovative process”. You can see yourselves from the inside, your bones, your muscles, your organs…

Some people see the main problem in that there are the real bodies exposed. They say these dead people did not give the permission to expose their bodies after their death. It is violation of their memory. On the other hand, what about mummies? These are exposed as well and no one does not think over the fact if these dead kings and aristocrats gave some permission to exhibit their dead bodies. Everyone will make own opinion if goes and visits this exhibition. Certain is that this exhibition was seen by more than 16 million visitors in Europe and Asia. Prague is the first city of European eastern bloc where the exhibition has been presented.

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