World Press Photo 2007 in Prague

It all starts in Amstedam in April, and this splendid exhibition then wanders around the world and here it comes again: this year’s winning pictures of World Press Photo contest will drop in Prague on September 14, as usual at Karolinum, strictly speaking Cross Corridor of Karolinum Gallery (the address is Ovocny Trh 3). At the same day, the exhibition starts in Moscow, Zurich, and Valetta, and they all finish on October 7. The tickets in Karolinum cost 90 CZK, students pay 50 CZK

So Prague people and visitors have a chance to see how the world best press photographers work, how they give us the picture news, and what happened throughout the world last year.

World Press Photo of the year 2006 was taken by Spencer Platt and it captures young Lebanese driving through a bombed neighbourhood in Beirut in a red convertible. Twelve of the best photographers were honoured, and the book “The Press Photographer’s Year 2007” was published.

It is worth seeing, but don’t worry if you miss it, two months later, there will be another exhibition from local photographers prepared for you: Czech Press Photo.

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