The Shooter’s Island (Strelecky ostrov)

View from Strelecky Island to the National Theatre Last week I’ve visited a concert on the island. It was a Czech band, “Sto zvirat”, a fast-paced, feel-good kind of music, strongly inspired by ska, though there is an influence of the music sung in Czech pubs as well as pop music or big beat. Anyone interested in these should be able to enjoy their shows. The lyrics are in Czech, but, frankly, the lyrics are not the main, nor the strongest part of their music, which relies rather on energetic, well- handled rhythmic play and catchy melodies.

The idea of having a concert on a Prague island (this one being the largest) is a pretty good one. It’s not only large and capable of hosting a large number of visitors, it also offers impressive sights, placing the listener in the middle of the river Vltava, with the city centre almost within the reach of a hand. No wonder it’s popular with actions of this kind: it’s the main body of the annual United Islands of Prague concert series. There’s also a smaller-scale tradition of film shows, supplied by the “Kinematograf of the Čadík Brothers” (this being a translation, not an official name). It usually shows semi-independent and generally more interesting films than the mainstream production offers, the projections being held at night (around ten PM), among the shining sights of the city and its river, covered with reflections of the many lights of the night- time Prague.

The only drawback concerning the concerts is the fact there’s no way of reducing the noise produced during the shows. The result is that these are restricted by the 22:00 deadline, which, of course, does not apply to music clubs.

A quick mention of its history: first mentioned in the 12th century, it changed hands several times until sold to the Old town magistrates in 1472. Its name is inspired by its common use- it served as a shooting range for city guards. It was always a somewhat strategic place, often being a base of resistance to intruders trying to reach the Old Town. Its ceremonial-friendly position became more apparent in the later years.

The island lies halfway between the National theatre and Újezd, connecting these places with the Legion brigde (Most legii). For further information see

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