Petrin Hill

Rose Garden on Petrin Hill If you are in Prague, Petrin Hill is definitelly a place which is worth visiting. This hill, which is located in the very centre of Prague, is really popular among both Prague citizens and visitors. Not only because it is a big green area, a piece of calming nature in the bustling city, which would be enought to make it a popular place, but it has even more to offer.

Petrin has 327 metres of height. The name of the hill can be dated back to the 12th century, when Czech chronicler Kosmas wrote about it in his chronicles as about rocky place. Since he wrote it in Latin, and Latin word for rock is “petra”, Czechs started to use the modification Petrin to name the hill aftewards.

Petrin is among Czechs also known as a place for lovers. It is hard to say why exactly, but Prague lovers do not ask why, just go there for romantic walks or dates. There is even a sculpture of Karel Hynech Mácha, a kind of lover´s patron. He was a famous Czech poet, his dramatic love poem Máj (May) is probably the best know Czech poem ever and almost every Czech knows its first verses by heart.

But of course, Petrin is not a place only for couples in love, it´s trees, areas of grass or flowers planted here can please everyone. And as I said already, there are also other attractions.

Very famous is Petrin Observatory Tower, one of dominants in Prague´s views (from Charles Bridge for example…). It was buitl in 1891 as a 5 times smaller model of Paris Eiffel Tower. If you go up, you can enjoy fantastic view over the city and even further.
Very close to the Tower is situated a Petrin Maize. If you go in, you fill find yourself between mirrors caricaturing your appearence, in one you will look extremely slim, in another too short and so on.

On Petrin Hill, there is also located Stefanik´s astronomical Observatory and old Saint Lawrence Church. And there is even a possibility to refresh oneself in Nebozízek Restaurant. It is just the great place if you want to escape the rush of the city streets for a while.

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