How Czechs lived 30 year ago

There is a very interesting exhibition in the Gallery of Prague Academy of Art, Architecture and Design, which is situated at Palachovo namesti (Jan Palach Square), close to Staromestska Metro (green line) or tram (no. 17 and 18) station.
Some of the students of the Academy prepared here an exhibition called Husakovo 3+1 (Husak´s 3+1).

Gustáv Husák was the Czech president in 1975 – 1989, since 1971 he also held a very influential function of the general secretary of the Czech communist party. The illiberal period of his rule, which followed the period of liberalization in the sixties, is known as Normalization.

In the time of Normalization, a lot of uniform slab blockhouses (pre-fabricated, by the USSR) were built. And in this exhibition you can see one of such flats. With everything – there is a kitchen, living room, bedroom, children’s room, small bathroom with a toilet. Everything is so authentic! The furniture, toys, old washing machine, old soap, even old toilet paper and old black and white television screening old stuff from the seventies…

If you are in the Czech Republic for some time already, you have probably seen many of these things as they are still present in a lot of Czechs households, but you have never seen so many of them in one place.

I strongly recommend you to visit the exhibition; it will give you an idea how it looked in Czech households thirty years ago, back in the time of communism. Those slab block flats were quite small so the visit will not take you too much time, and the entrance is for free. Exhibition is opened till 24th of October.

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