Restaurant “U Marianského obrazu“

u marianskeho obrazu Restaurant ”U Marianského obrazu” (which means At Marian picture) is located in Zizkov, a Prague area well known for its amazing amount of pubs, bars, and restaurants. So it has a huge competition here, but I would definitely put this one on my list of favourite places where to eat in this part of Prague. You can find this restaurant on the corner of Fibichova and Kubelikova Street, facing the famous Akropolis Palace.

It is a place of choice; go just for a beer, or eventually for a beer accompanied with something small to eat, as sausage, camembert cheese or so, but you can go here also for a proper lunch or dinner as well. And they cook well. Offer is of a relatively wide range; you can find things of different kinds on the menu (available both in Czech and English language). There are soups, already mentioned “small things with beer”, vegetable salads, fish, chicken dishes, beef or pork, traditional Czech and also Slovak cuisine dishes, there are deserts…

During the lunchtime, there is a daily menu of things you can offer and get really fast, without long waiting for them to be cooked. Meals on the daily menu are mostly of traditional Czech cuisine, and they are not expensive. But unfortunately, I did not notice that they would have the daily menu also written in English. So there is a need to ask the waitress for some translation.

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