Prague legends – Dalibor

One of the towers of Prague Castle is called Daliborka (Dalibor´s tower). It is a round shape tower, situated on the edge of the Golden Street. The tower was built in the late gothic style in the end of 15th century, during the rule of the king Vladislav Jagello by the architect Benedikt Ried. The tower was used as a prison for dangerous prisoners, and after the first one of them, Dalibor of Kozojedy, it got its name.

The legend says that Dalibor was a good noble man, whose neighbor was an evil knight Adam of Drahonice. Adam of Drahonice was very cruel to his dependants. So they rebelled, captured him and made him to set them free. Then they asked kind Dalibor to be their new liege. He agreed, and promised them much more freedom then they got under the rule of Adam of Drahonice. But the fallen knight got angry and with other evil knights brought a false accusation against Dalibor, so the king had to imprison him.

Of course, that Dalibor was not very happy in the prison, but he was not starving, because the prisoners were allowed to buy some food, if they had money. But suddenly, Dalibor became quite short of money and thus in danger of death by hunger. Luckily, he was saved by chance.

In the prison, he was often bored, because he had nothing to do, so once he bought a violin and stared to play on it. He was pretty talented so soon was such a good player, that passer-byes were stopping under the tower to listen him playing. And once hungry Dalibor got an idea, he asked the jailor for a basket and a rope. Then he put the basket on the rope and let it go down on the street. Those who liked his music put some food in the basked. And because he played very well, he got a lot. Dalibor was popular among the people, so they often asked the king to free him, but it did not happen. He was sentenced to death and beheaded.

But sometimes, during the nights when the moon shines brightly, the voice of his violin can be heard even these days.

Now, it is hard to say, if Dalibor was really just an innocent and poor kind noble man as says the legend. Maybe he just wanted to gain the domains of Adam of Drahonice, so he encouraged his people to rebel against him for what he was rightly imprisoned.

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