Teddy bears and their friends

Would you like to return back to your childhood? So visit an exhibition of teddy bears in Prague’s museum at Florenc. Teddy bear, a snuggling and at the same time an inconspicuous plush toy is for majority of us a symbol of years of childhood. If we made a public inquiry about this product it would probably be the most successful little animal of 20th century. Teddy is maybe popular for its good-natured eye which brings to child’s soul peace and calm. Adults reminisce times when hugged it and whispered it their little big joys and troubles. It is necessary to add that teddy bear find a way to little boys’ and girls’ heart more than hundred years ago.

Thanks to the initiator of this exhibition – Mrs. Alena Dolezalova, who on November last year organized in Prague’s Museum successful exhibition “Dolls of our grandmothers”, we can look forward to the great exhibition. At the exhibition you can see about 500 teddy bears and their friends (other little animals) which were created since 1910 to 2000. A. Dolezalova is a member of Collectors of Curiosities Club and she prefers these teddies which she gained as presents from famous persons in 50’s and later. She favours teddies from the first half of 20th century which are mostly German and English provenance. She says: “My first collection teddy bear is from 1910. I got it from one older madam – countess from Chrast by Pilsen. I remember that I liked moveability of its limbs and head, these older teddies (at the beginning of 20th century and at its first half) could be set in motion as a whole so children liked them more.”

The smallest teddy measures 0,5 cm and the biggest 140 cm, is from 1950 and was exhibited in a shop-window of one Prague store.

Now I tell you something from Teddy’s history. Teddy was born on 23th October 1902 in a plush toys factory in Giengen town not far from Ulm in Germany. Original teddies had a simple immovable construction and the new one was equipped by movable limbs to impress naturally. The author is Richard Steiff.

So if you want to see this unusual and unique exhibition come to the main building of museum in Florenc, the address is: Na Porici 52, Prague. Open is daily (except for Mondays) from 9:00 – 18:00. Entrance fees: adults 80 CZK (2,6 €), students, pensioners, disabled persons 30 CZK (1 €) and every first Thursday in month is open until to 20:00 and fees are free for pupils, students and pensioners and for the others it is 1 CZK (0,03 €). The exhibition is being held from 21.11. 2007 – 24.2.2008.

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