Czech songster Marketa Irglova is going to sing at Oscar ceremony

irglova and hansard One of the most successful Czech singers of these days is young and modest Marketa Irglova. This year she was nominated, together with her boyfriend Glen Hansard, for the prestigious American Academy Award – the famous Oscar prize with her song Falling Slowly. This song appears in the fabulous Irish movie Once, which was the biggest film surprise last year. The Low budget film achieved a great success for its romantic story and wonderful music.

Once tells a non-ordinary but still quite simple love-story of young Czech emigrant and an Irish street musician, who meet each other on the Dublin’s most popular Grafton Street, where the guy is trying to make his money by singing and playing his guitar. Those two start a strange romantic relationship and the whole story is framed by amazing music. The movie is great and if you haven’t seen it yet, I strongly recommend it to you.

The film became a great hit after its appearance at Sundance – American Independent Film Festival and was praised by such important film industry personas as Steven Spielberg, who even met Irglova and Hansard. Those two also started to appear at popular American talk shows as well as having a lot of highly visited life shows both in Europe and the U.S.

But the leading song of the movie is much older. It was created already in 2002 when Glen Hansard was visiting the Czech Republic with his band The Frames, he composed it together with Marketa Irglova, who was playing the piano. And before it appeared in Once, it was already used as film music in Czech director Jan Hrebejk’s film Kraska v nesnazich (The beauty in troubles). But it became widely popular only after appearing in the internationally successful musical Once.

But because of the fact that song was for the first time used in the Czech film, there were some problems with the Oscar nomination. The rule says that the song that is nominated for the Oscar should be created especially for the concrete film – which this time was the musical Once. After some discussions it fortunately ended well, because Glen Hansard claimed that he has already the concept of the film Once in his mind while composing the song.

When composing the song with Hansard, Marketa Irglova, the girl from a small Moravian town – Valaske Mezirici was only 14, but she already had quite good musical education, playing the piano pretty well. Now she is 20, during making of the Once movie, she started dating Glen Hansard and they are still together. Although the fact she is going to walk on the red carpet this Sunday, sing on the Oscar ceremony and maybe even hold the golden statue, she stays modest. She does not have any star manners, prefers to wear modest clothing and according to her own words has no intentions to continuing her career as a movie star, she is even planning to record the last disc with Hansard and then to do “something normal, as working with kids at nursery school” as she says. Maybe her modesty is one of the reasons why she is so successful, so lets see if the Falling Slowly song is going to get the Oscar. What do you think, do they deserve it?

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