Red, yellow or green line? Take a subway around Praha

metro There are plenty of ways how to get around Praha. You can take a taxi, hop on a bus or a tram. But the easiest, the most convenient and usually the fastest way is to take a subway. The transportation system in Praha is quite easy and understandable. There are three lines; red one, yellow one and green one. All these lines run through the city centre and they are also connected with each other. You can switch the line at the transfer stations: Mustek, Muzeum and Florenc and continue your journey towards the final destination. The metro runs every day from 5 am until 1 am. During the traffic hours, it is recommended to take a subway. You will easily get to around the city in a metro while people who drive cars will be upset about the traffic in the centre.

When traveling by metro, it is necessary to purchase a ticket. You can buy the ticket at the yellow ticket-vending machine, or just write text message DPT to 902 06 26 and you will receive an sms ticket. Make sure you buy and validate the ticket when entering metro space. The controllers usually check the tickets inside the metro. And just remember metro is fast and convenient.

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