Contemporary Czech Cubism Art Exhibition

If you are interested in contemporary Art and you would like to see what is on the Czech scene, you can visit the exhibition called Contemporary Czech Cubism, which is in the second floor of the Prague Old Town Hall on Old Town Square and is opened until 13th of April.

The exhibition is not much extensive, but it presents works by famous names of contemporary Czech Art scene. Of those, whose works are continuing in a tradition set up by one of avant-garde movements – by cubism, which has a strong tradition in the Czech Republic, because here the cubism appeared even in architecture and decorative Arts, which is unique. The authors of the exhibition says that many of today´s Czech artists are trying to overcome current negative trends as postmodern relativism and copying of western models, in doing so, they are going back to the firmness of modernism and they are looking for an inspiration in the home tradition. Today, people often speak about the end of Art, the exhibition is trying to show that Art in the Czech Republic have not yet finished, on the other hand, it is in the full blossom of creativity and the Art is again made to be understandable for ordinary people not just for (pseudo)intellectuals. So this is what is exhibition trying to say and show. You can visit it and make your own opinion. I did not find the exhibition excellent, but if you want to get to know some contemporary Czech Art, this is a way, how to do it, maybe together with visiting another contemporary Art Exhibition – Resetting, dedicated to the painting, in the Municipal Library of Prague.

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