Zlaty rozen restaurant

Restaurant Zlaty rozen (which in English means Golden spit) is located on the border of Prague districts Dejvice and Bubenec. This is not in the city center, but not that far from it and both those districts has its beauty so you may find yourself here one day. And one of the top restaurants in this neighborhood is Zlaty rozen.

The restaurant is situated in Ceskoslovenske armady (means Czechoslovak army) street number 22. It is in short walk distance from Metro stations Dejvicka and Hradcanska (green line). The house was built in 1929 and since then there was always the restaurant. Only in the beginning of the 1990´s it was shortly closed, but just it was later renewed with style. The nice interior recalls to the past of the restaurants, walls are decorated with old photographs.

What to order here? The place is both suitable for having here just a beer (or another drink) as for coming for lunch or dinner. Their specialty is that they offer beers of Cerna Hora (Black Hill) brewery, which tradition dates back up to 1530. For some beer lovers might be interesting to try it. Historical illustrations, samples of historical brewery equipments, beer recipes and so on are also to be found here as a decoration. But if you do not like Cerna Hora beer, you can order popular Pilsen instead or of course some non-alcoholic drink. They have some traditional Czech dishes as well as other alternatives as pasta or salmon steak. From traditional Czech meals you can try here for example Beef Goulash “Cerna Hora” or meal called Czech Mix, which is Roasted pork, smoked tenderloin, sausage with potato pancake and dumplings. Or maybe just something small to accompany your beer, then it may be potato pancakes with sour cabbage or pickled Camembert cheese. And they obviously offer a few desserts (although not a wide range – only four in fact) for those who feel for something sweet.

Zlaty rozen is also a place, where important sport matches are screened on the big projection. This may be disturbing for someone, another one comes especially because of it, it depends.

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