Changes at; tips on getting a zivnostensky list got a very nice facelift. My only complaint is that all the html is exposed in the signatures. Other than that, Martin Howlings – the hardest-working man in the .cz business – has given his baby a wicked upgrade.

While going through old threads that I’ve been a part of (a great new feature – makes finding a member’s posting history dead simple), I came across one that should be of use to anybody who is thinking about getting their Czech business license – that is, a “zivnostensky list” (never ever EVER call it a “zivno” around Czechs, it seems to give them a rash). My contribution is lengthy and somewhat dated as things are different for us Canucks now that the Czech Republic is an EU country, but it is supplemented very nicely by several helpful posters (plus one wee troll).

Jan 25, 12:38 (Filed under: Web watch, Other )

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  1. Martin Howlings, he got some big ass titties…
    monkey tennis    Jan 25, 16:25    #
  2. I don’t know about that, but I think this is what you’re looking for (not safe for work).
    Patrick    Jan 26, 09:12    #
  3. Oh yeah, my mistake…
    monkey tennis    Jan 26, 10:08    #