Is Prague a sin city?

Prague is definitely a very beautiful town. It has amazing history, beautiful monuments, fascinating streets, cool pubs with delicious beer, many art galleries, lovely parks, as well as good public transport and lots of shops… an ideal place for a visit. But is Prague a perfect city? Definitely not, as any other one, it also has its mistakes. Notoriously known are Prague taxi drivers, who often try to dope you and ask you to pay them more money then you should according to official price lists. But you may read warnings about them in many Prague tourist guidebooks. Then there are also pickpockets – the warnings about them hang in Prague public transport – buses, trams and metro trains as well – both in Czech and English language. Maybe you already have noticed “Better safe then sorry” as says the English version of yellow-red warning sticker in the public transport. So those are two main “little sins of Prague”, about which you should be informed before your arrival and be aware of them. But such things happen not only here, but also in many other cities. So only them cannot make Prague to be a sin city.

The problem is that in the town are occurring other filths – there are casinos and winning automats and there are brothels as well as street prostitution and drugs. It should be said, that those are not the problem only of Prague but of a whole Czech Republic. But this blog is mainly about Prague, which is also the most attractive location for tourist out of the whole Czech Republic, so lets stay here. Because of the casinos and prostitution my ex-boyfriend once called Prague a sin city. So lets have a closer look on the situation of Prague in those fields.

The true is that there are so many casinos and “hernas” with winning automats as almost in any other place, so Prague is sometimes even called as “Las Vegas of Europe”. The casinos and winning automats are pretty big problem, because many people can became addicted to them, and according to the latest researches, one addicted person can be a troublemaker for up to 12 people in his/her surrounding. Hazard addiction can obviously cause not only personal problems, but also family crises. This is mostly the problem of winning automats, which are also installed in many Czech pubs. “Ordinary people” do not visit casinos that often, as it often requires a bit better clothing and “style”. But many Prague casinos are said to be “laundries of dirty money”, and that they are owned by mafia. The true is that in many other countries the gambling is either illegal or they do not have at least so many gambling places as there are here.

And about the prostitution, as the so called “the oldest job”, it probably exists almost anywhere. Famous is a way of the Netherlands, where they made it even legal. So they at least forced them to pay taxes and prostitutes have to go for medical check-ups. In the Czech Republic, the prostitution is officially illegal, but everyone knows it exists here. There are brothel houses which may look as a cabaret from outside, but when you walk inside, you are pretty sure what is the place actually is. And there are also those infamous street prostitutes, who are often not Czech, but (often illegal) immigrants from other post-communistic countries. Not so long ago, there was a big affair with them, as they were often aggressive to men and tried to force them to use their services. But police took over them and the situation is much better now.

So is Prague a sin city? A bit yes, but it also has such beauties, that it would be a pity not visit it just because it, because Prague is definitely worth of seeing.

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