“Alive” Exhibition in Prague

Those of you who have come across the Namesti Republiky (yellow line B) know it already. Right there, just few steps from the famous Municipal House, just in front of the new Shopping Mall Palladium, is an amazing photography exhibition.

It is an open air happening and it is for free. Great, isn’t it? Does it remind you something? Maybe the exhibition “The Earth from Above”? Well, you are not far from the truth…

The pictures presented at this exhibition are truly marvelous. They are all quite large photographs of animals from all around the world. From caterpillars to clownfish, from lions to monkeys; it is all there for you to admire. It is really beautiful to see how colorful and wonderful animal creatures are.

However, the “Alive” exhibition is not “only” an exhibition. It is much more than just bunch of nice pictures. The “Alive” exhibition tries to point out how fragile and endangered wildlife is these days only due to human actions. Together with pictures of animals, there are presented facts and figures of how the global environment has changed over time, bringing numbers of species soon to be extinct if we don’t act differently.

The key reason of this great exhibition is not to publish more really stunningly beautiful photographs of wild animals, but rather to enhance public awareness of sustainable development and that living in harmony with the nature is possible. Every one of us can make a difference so every one of us must be the “changer”. There are things in our lifestyle that we can change in order to be “greener” and friendlier to our environment.

So… Be the change! Recycle! Save energy! Use public transportation instead of a car! Walk instead of drive! And… Visit this unique exhibition!

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  1. Wow! What a site! AND in English!
    I love Prague. I first visited in May 2003, with my mates on Football Tour. I went back in October ‘03; and have been back every year since, apart from 2006, when I was in Belgium, Holland, France & Germany instead. I like football & ice hockey, so plan my trips around these. I always go in October, as it’s my “birthday treat” to myself, as a ‘pat on the back’ for being sober. (I’m a recovering alcoholic, who has been off the drink since the end of May 2002!)
    By neccesity I travel cheap, & Prague is perfect. I stay in hostels, and food is cheap, as are the museums & galleries. It’s a beautiful place, and I love exploring it. I will take time over the next few months to dip into this blog until I have read it all, and hopefully pick up some great ideas.
    I stumbled across this by accident, & am glad I did. Who knows how long it will take me to plough through the links!

    Fatalist    Jul 16, 12:24    #