The Masaryk Railway Station in Prague is probably to be closed

Prague councillors want the Masaryk Railway Station in Prague to be closed. This station is located quite close to the Main Railway Station and thus is not that necessary as trains can stop there instead. And it often also work that way, that trains stop first on Masaryk Station and then on the Main one. But as both are located in the city centre and there is good public transport here it is probably not necessary to have two stations so close to each other.

But if the Masaryk Railway Station will be closed, what will be put on its place instead? The old historical buildings itself are a cultural heritage, so as such should not be destroyed. And the proposals for using this object are various. One of them, proposed by National Technical Museum, was to make it a museum of railways, but it was rejected by Prague councillors who are responsible to decide how to use the space. So then there could be flats, but also shopping centre or administrative buildings… final decision about cancelling the Masaryk Station should be made in the half of September. Lets hope that if they decide to close it, the place would be then used properly at least, but still, Prague would lose something special – when the first train came to Prague, on 21st of August 1845, it stopped on the station which later became the Masaryk Railway Station (named after the first president of Czechoslovakia ).

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