First Michelin Star in the Czech Republic

For few months already has the first restaurant in the whole Eastern Europe (if you still consider the Czech Republic to be part of the Eastern block) been rewarded by the Michelin Star. It is a historic moment for all gourmands of the world. Why?

Michelin has been evaluating restaurants for quite a time. The criteria are various, but the most important thing is the taste of the food that is being served there. People who are responsible for the ratings visit restaurants several times. And always anonymously.

For a restaurant, being given a Michelin Star is like to get an Oscar for an actor/actress. It means that the restaurant is serving food of outstanding quality. You can be sure that in any restaurant which was awarded a Michelin Star, whatever you get will be delicious and unforgettable.

The Top Michelin-rated restaurants receive from one to three stars. One star is for a very good restaurant in its category. Three stars mean, of course, the best of the best.

The first Michelin Star in the Czech Republic was given to the Allegro Restaurant in Prague, which is an Italian style restaurant. This restaurant is situated in Four Season Hotel, located at Veleslavinova Street. It is near Rudolfinum Gallery and metro station Staromestska (green line A). Lunch costs from 1 000 CZK up, but I guess it is worth it.

Moreover, three restaurants were also awarded by Michelin with “Bib Gourmand”, meaning restaurants offering good food at moderate prices. Who wouldn’t like to eat delicious meals for a good price? However, the word moderate can be a bit tricky. The prices of the food served in those restaurants are still a bit higher that average prices in “normal” restaurants.

So what are the three awarded restaurants? One is called Aromi, and is located at Manesova Street, near subway station Jiriho z Podebrad (green line A). The second is called Brasserie M. This is a French style restaurant and can be found in Vladislavova Street. It is best reached by trams 3, 5, 9, 14 or 24 (station Lazarska). The nearest subway station is Narodni trida. The last but not least, is the restaurant Le Terroir at Vejvodova Street not far from subway station Mustek. Bon apetit!

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