Vojtech Preissig – For the Republic!

At the moment, there is a very interesting exhbition being held in an Art gallery in Clam-Gallas Palace. Clam-Gallas Palace is a beautiful buliding in a barroquian style, situated in Husova Street nr. 20, in Prague 1, in the Old Town, not far from Marianske Square (that one with the main building of the Municipal Library). And in the Palace, there is a quite good Art gallery, where often are held good exhibition. At the moment, there are two of them. One is called Vojtech Preissig – Za republiku! (which could be translated into English as “For the Republic!”), the other one is called Praha – Norinberk/Prag – Nurnberg. Both of them are finishing on 28th of October, so if you want to see them, you should hurry up.

Those exhibitions are not extensive, but they are very interesting, especially that one which shows works by Vojtech Preissig. Vojtech Preissig was an important Czech artist of the first half of the century. He was born in 1873, and later became famous expecially as a graphic Artist, but he also dedicated a lot of his time to typography, ilustration and painting. He spent some time in Paris, then he had his own studion in Prague, but because of some financial troubles, later moved to the U.S., where he was even teaching at Columbia University. Later, he came back to Prague again.

He was a strong patriot and was devouted to his homeland, which he tried to help also through his artistic work. So this special exhibition is held to the 90th anniversary of the creation of Czechoslovakia and presents this particular part of Artist’s wide range of work. He did a lot of postcards, posters and other materials which should help to fight for the good of the Republic. He even did some proposals for the flag of the new state. It is interesting to see it, they quite differ from the actual flag. But what is same, are the colours, as red, white and blue are consider as traditional colours for this country. But on the Preissig’s flags you can find for example four strars – one for Bohemia, one for Moravia, one for Silesia and last one for Slovakia. There is much more to be seen on the exhibition, for example posters he did during the first world war for the U.S. army, to recruit new soldiers, and many other works.

Preissing kept being a strong patriot also during the second world war, which cost him his own life. As a member of an illegal resistance group, he was participating in a publishing of an illegal magazine, cooperating with his daughter, a journalist Irena Bernaskova. In 1940, he was arrested by gestapo, taken to concentration camp Dachau, where he died in 1944. But a lot of his beautiful works survived after him.

Another exhbition which is to be seen is dedicated to contemporary artist from partner cities Prague and Norimberg. If you visit both exhbitions, you will get a sale.

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