Mezcal, U Vystreleneho Oka, Znama Firma

Feeling rather groggy today following the prelude to Jitka’s graduation party. We started out at Radost, where we had planned on eating. We ended up leaving due to the fact that the lounge was closing for the evening and the cafe was full. The Mezcal Restaurant up at Jugoslavska 18/599, Prague 2, had always piqued my curiosity, so we decided to go there for some Mexican food.

Being a vegetarian, Jitka was pretty disappointed by the fact that Mezcal only offers one meat-free meal on the menu: vegetarian quesadillas. The rest of the menu offers standard Mexican fare: burritos, tacos, and fajitas, as well as pork, chicken and beef steaks. We split nachos and guacamole as a starter. This turned out to be a lousy idea – the cheese-flavoured nachos were cheap-ass Czech chips that, judging from all the crumbs on our plate, came from the bottom of the bag. On the side we got a dollop of bland guacamole, sour cream and a few tired-looking slices of jalepeno pepper.

Jitka’s quesadillas were lousy, but I had a pretty decent dinner of 15 chicken wings with barbecue sauce and sour cream for dipping, a big slice of garlic bread, and corn on the cob. We both washed down our meals with a half-litre of Stella Artois. The total came out to CZK 500, including tip.

U Vystreleneho Oka
UVO is one of Zizkov’s greatest pubs.
Artwork by Martin Velisek

From there we went to see a drummerless Fatty Lumpkin at U Vystreleneho Oka (At the Shot Out Eye – U Bozich bojovniku 606/3, Prague 3). The band was great and it’s always a pleasure to drink at UVO. The clientele is primarily Czech, but the pub also attracts plenty of expats and tourists. Great service and incredible art and details by Martin Velisek, best known for his work for Uz Jsme Doma, a sensational Czech underground band. UVO is the only pub where I’ve seen headrests above the urinals in the men’s room. Talk about customer care…

Walking down Husitska to Florenc to catch the metro home, we decided to have a quick beer at Znama Firma. This place plays good music and has a young and consciously hip crowd, but it’s a bar best to be avoided. The bartender watched me waiting at the bar for a while as he sat and ate his dinner.

Do not go to Znama Firma
Cool bar. Too bad they have a tosser serving drinks.

When I asked him for a couple of beers, he got sarcastic with me. So I returned the sarcasm in Czech. We didn’t get our beers, and I didn’t take the opportunity to spit in his meal (let alone his face), but we did manage catch the last metro back to Blackbridge after having picked up a couple of beers in a shop across from Znama Firma.

To sum up: don’t go to Mezcal if you’re a vegetarian, do go to U Vystreleneho Oka if you dig cheap beer and cool art and don’t mind lots of smoke, and don’t go to Znama Firma if you don’t like snotty barstaff and too-cool-for-school crowds.

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  1. Znama firma is one of the best places in zizkov.
    I dont know why you were not served, but i always go there get all beer and weed i need.

    — I.    May 27, 13:49    #
  2. I don’t know why I wasn’t served either, but the bartender that night was being a twat for no reason other than for the sake of being a twat.

    This entry goes back a ways, so maybe things have changed. But I’ve got way better places to go for beer and weed – places where the staff respects me and appreciates my patronage.


    Patrick    May 27, 15:00    #