Jeff Stroud @ The Globe, PLR V. 2.0 launch @ Shakespeare & Sons

Those looking for something a little different to do in Prague this Saturday (February 5) have got some cool events to choose from.

First, at The Globe (Pstrossova 6, Prague 1), Jeff Stroud will be performing a set consisting mainly of original songs, with a few covers thrown in. I’ve had the pleasure of hearing some of his latest material during our rehearsals. He plays guitar and sings with a warm confidence that is instantly likeable with clever and concise lyrics, and catchy and cool melodies.

Over at Shakespeare & Sons (Krymska 12, Prague 10) King Vitamin will be playing at the launch of the new version of the Prague Literary Review (PLR). Hopefully editors Joshua Cohen, Travis Jeppesen, Robert Gal, and Howard Sidenberg will produce something far more accessible than the PLR was under Louis Armand’s editorial vision.

The problem I, and many others, found with PLR version 1.1 (the content of the first issue was more miss than hit) was its density. Bloated academic essays, pretentious fiction and gutless poetry all added up to a headache-inducing bag of words. It was bad enough on paper, try reading it on your monitor if you dare (you’ll need to download a .pdf to get the whole thing).

However, it must be said that Louis Armand is an extremely prolific and talented poet, writer and artist. You can check out samples of his work here.

To add a little bit of drama to the launch, a debate has sprung up at over the ownership of the name “Prague Literary Review.”

As for me, I’ll be missing out on both events – going to learn snowboarding in the Krkonose Mountains.

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  1. Okay – I’ve got a degree in English Literature, and in fact enjoy reading literary criticism, and even I found PLR too much to take.

    Nice concise analysis of their product. I look forward to PLR2.0.
    Bish    Feb 2, 17:00    #